A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The mermaid Wakasagihime wishes to win the affection of the maid Sakuya. But she'll need to find her lost gift first! Swim, dodge, and swim faster in this short underwater adventure.

Made in two weeks for the Touhou Pride Jam 2. This is a fan work of the Touhou Project.

Default Controls:

  • Move:  Arrow Keys / WASD / Gamepad Left Stick
  • Dash:  X / K / Gamepad B
  • Respawn:  Backspace / Gamepad Back
  • Pause:  Escape / Gamepad Start

Credits: Graphics, Music, and Sfx by Karob.


Windows Version 28 MB
Linux Version 26 MB
Mac OS X Version 25 MB


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Very nice, physics and controls are smooth and the visuals are minimalist and functional. Immersive water noises and fun level design makes this a short but sweet game.